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Prehistory - East West Symphony

Together with conductor Bernd Ruf, we have been shaping the East-West Symphony for five years now. The title Hiwar means dialogue and unites orchestra and quartet in a musical exchange of their own influences. These can be traditional Arabic music, contemporary jazz as well as classical-symphonic orchestral aesthetics.

Similarities and differences are equally welcome here and are joyfully incorporated. After the successful concert projects with the Baden-Baden Philharmonic Orchestra and the Jena Philharmonic Orchestra, with which the current recording Hiwar- East West Symphony was produced, we are planning new concerts in the orchestra line-up for the 23/24 season.


Das Album East – West Symphony wurde mit der Jenaer Philharmonie im Volkshaus Jena aufgenommen. Die Orchesterarrangements erschufen Fabian Joosten, Rabih Lahoud und Marcus Rust. Das Album ist Januar 2021 bei GP Arts erschienen.

The album: East-West-Symphony

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By combining traditional Arabic as well as modern elements of jazz music, song-oriented structures, the sound body of the classical orchestra and finally improvisations, a new sound is created that invites connection. 

Through concerts in Europe as well as the Arab world, the idea of understanding, respect and mutual enrichment is to be carried into the world through serious encounter and fusion.

In future

We are currently planning our concert activities for 2023/24/25 in various symphonic contexts and different instrumentations. Our trumpeter Marcus Rust is currently arranging new works for the orchestra, which were created in the cosmos of our two studio albums Irade and Beit. These will add new facets to the existing programme.

Press comments

Jazzthetik (04/2020)

masaa prägen eine hochspezifische Synthese, die eine sensible, lebendige Vielfalt hervorbringt – eine organische Verschränkung von Orient und Okzident.

Jazzthetik / Harry Schmidt

april 2020

Süddeutsche Zeitung (09/2018)

But above all, the musicians have one thing in common: the madness for the perfect musical combination, the weird harmony that moves people.

Süddeutsche Zeitung

september 2018

Folkworld (03/2018)

It sounds like musical freedom, stylistic diversity and cultural boundlessness and thus has a rarity value that can hardly be estimated.


march 2018

Jazzthing (04/2014)

It is poetry that breathes, music that pulsates with a special rhythm.

Jazzthing / Ralf Dombrowski

april 2014

Masaa - East West Symphony