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We are

Masaa - Demian, Marcus, Rabih & Reentko. We have been playing our music for our audience for ten years now. What a wild trip!

We are currently on a release tour for our current album Irade, which was awarded the German Jazz Prize. At the same time we are working on our new studio album "Beit" and are looking forward to its release in April 2023 with a festive release concert in the Kölner Philharmonie! Have a look at our orchestra section, too. With Bernd Ruf and the Jena Philharmonic, we have created the East-West Symphony, which we will also bring to the stage in 2023. For those who would like to listen to the music in advance, we recommend the recording, which can be ordered in the shop.

See you soon in concert, we look forward to it!


Jazzthetik (04/2020)

Masaa shape a highly specific synthesis that produces a sensitive, lively diversity - an organic interweaving of Orient and Occident.

Jazzthetik / Harry Schmidt

april 2020

Süddeutsche Zeitung (09/2018)

But above all, the musicians have one thing in common: the madness for the perfect musical combination, the weird harmony that moves people.

Süddeutsche Zeitung

september 2018

Folkworld (03/2018)

It sounds like musical freedom, stylistic diversity and cultural boundlessness and thus has a rarity value that can hardly be estimated.


march 2018

Jazzthing (04/2014)

It is poetry that breathes, music that pulsates with a special rhythm.

Jazzthing / Ralf Dombrowski

april 2014




Masaa - Berlin

We have been touring as Masaa for ten years and have won our audience in the East (Azerbaijan, Jordan, Lebanon, Tunisia, Turkey) as well as in the West (England, Greece, Austria, Switzerland, Spain). We met during our music studies in Dresden and Rostock.

With our current album Irade we celebrated the debut of our guitarist Reentko Dirks as our friend and pianist Clemens Poetzsch wants to dedicate himself to his solo project and his tasks as a composer from now on. 2021 was awarded the German Jazz Prize in the category Vocal Album of the Year and nominated four times for the Opus Klassik. Rabih Lahoud also received the WDR Jazz Prize.

We recorded our new album Beit in the Waldhausstudio with Mohi Buschendorf. It will be released in April 2023 on our label Traumton.

Rabih Lahoud

Masaa - Rabih Lahoud (Gesang)

Rabih Lahoud studied composition, classical piano, classical singing and jazz singing. As familiar with Western musical tradition as he is with the musical culture of his Arab homeland, he is interested in the ambivalence between Orient and Occident. With Markus Stockhausen he founded the band "Eternal Voyage", with which he released a CD in 2009. He has a teaching assignment for jazz and pop singing at the universities in Dresden and Hamburg.

Reentko Dirks

Masaa - Reentko Dirks (Gitarre)

Reentko Dirks is a guitarist and composer. He has written and produced music for artists of Cirque du Soleils and the Semperoper Dresden and is a member of the EUROPEAN GUITAR QUARTET. Reentko is known to a wide audience as the guitarist of Giora Feidmann and the European Guitar Quartet. He has performed in concert halls such as Tchaikovsky Hall in Moscow and Carnegie Hall in New York.

Marcus Rust

Masaa - Marcus Rust (Trompete)

Marcus Rust grew up in Schwerin as the son of classical musicians. During his civilian service in India, he discovered his passion for the music of foreign cultures. Back home, he studied trumpet (jazz-rock-pop) in Dresden from 2005-2011. He also received a very formative musical influence from the trumpeter Markus Stockhausen. From now on, the combination of ethnic music with jazz and improvisation determines his musical life. He also devotes himself to this together with the organist Christian Grosch in the duo ZIA.

Demian Kappenstein

Masaa - Demian Kappenstein (Drums)

Demian Kappenstein released a CD with the "Ring Ensemble", in which the musicians of his jazz trio "Ring" worked together with an ensemble of historical string instruments. With his solo programme "Travel Suite", he processes experiences from his travels through countries such as Kosovo, Taiwan, Turkey or Israel. Kappenstein has worked with musicians such as Giora Feidman, Kurt Rosenwinkel and Miss Platnum.

Music & Lyrics

Thought, spoken and sung: Words play a central role in Masaa's music. Even if only a few people are able to speak all the languages that are heard in the concerts and albums, the contents can be sensed in the listening and can be read in detail and translation here.


فضايئ حيىي فيه مسيع يف سكون العامل أمسع صدى أفاكري

I listen to my universe.
In the stillness of the world, I hear the echo of my thoughts.

Ich lausche meinem Universum.
In der Stille der Welt höre ich das Echo meiner Gedanken.

Je reçois les sons de mon univers.
Dans le silence du monde j’entends l’écho de mes pensées.


لما قلبي ينور، بيوعى وجي وبعيوني بتشوف روحي مضوايي

When my heart is full of light, my face awakens and in my eyes you see the bright landscape of my soul.

Wenn mein Herz leuchtet, wacht mein Gesicht auf und in meinen Augen siehst du die hell erleuchtete Landschaft meiner Seele.

Quand mon coeur s’illumine, mon visage s’éveille et dans mes yeux tu vois les paysages éclairés de mon esprit.


وين الدفا يلي بحول البيضة لعصفور؟
عصفور طاير وحر

Where is the warmth that turns an egg into a bird?
A free bird flying.

Wo ist die Wärme, die ein Ei in einen Vogel verwandelt?
Ein freier Vogel, der fliegen kann.